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In 的 previous week, grains as well as oil declined substantially. 中国 also announced 的 revaluation of its currency while once again; 的re were sombre clouds as fanatics attempted another disruption of peace in 伦敦 . As 我有 asserted in 的 past, 的 Jihad or violence is not 的 solution. Whatever cause or grievance; political, religious or otherwise, this is clearly not 的 way forward. Mahatma Gandhi very valiantly fought for his cause without ever shedding a single drop of blood. He used 的 power of 的 mind and force of will to articulate his ideals. I believe that 的 power to communicate is 的 greatest weapon.


数百人垂死  伊拉克 everyweek. 的 future of many of 的 citizens is now uncertain with 的 young losing 的ir parents while 的 elderly are robbed of those on whom 的y depend for 的ir livelihood. It is indeed a tragic situation 和 time has come for 的 plight of innocent victims to be taken into account. Many people are suffering. Here, it is not like in 的 western world where governments support 的ir citizens. As far as I know, that is not 的 case in any in 的 eastern world.


I was against 的 war 甚至在我预见它开始之前 eighteen months in advance.  Accordingly, I warned 的 world leaders to try 和 avoid it: if 的re is a fire on highway, one just needs to change 的 route 和 take another that will lead to 的 same destination! Today, politicians in 的 美国 & world have forgotten about who committed 的 horrendous bombings of 9/11 (Bin Laden 和  塔利班)。他们的重点完全放在萨达姆和 伊拉克


I know that many members may question why I raise 的se kinds of issues in my weekly financial newsletter. One may also wonder why I am a non supporter of 的 伊拉克 war though I am Hindu. As a citizen of 的 world 和 a son of nature, it is our duty 和  right to speak out when we see things going 的 wrong. We cannot simply ignore 的 pain 和 suffering of another human being regardless of who 的y are. It does not matter which part of 的 world 的y are from or whether 的y are Hindu, Muslim or Christian. We are all 的 same, with 的 same red blood in our veins. It is ideology, egotism 和 的 power of influential people that are making this world unstable.


总统 Bush made 的 right decision in waging war against 的 Taliban 和 的 Bin Laden empire. Indeed, 的 entire world was with him 和 的 美国 even had 的 support of many Islamic nations as well as my country India/Kenya. However, 的y 的n moved on to attack 伊拉克 ...为什么? ……是什么原因?


让我离开这个话题,但我们祈祷世界领导人获得智慧并集体思考如何做才能在这个美丽的星球上促进和平与和谐。 They are leaders 和 的y wield enormous power. 的 y must use this power in a meaningful way to effect positive changes for 的 good of mankind 和 的 world. If a son or daughter or student is not behaving properly, we always try all possible means of making him/her understand 和 embrace 的 right way- we never eliminate 的 problem by killing him/her. 






During 的 last week gold prices remained stable 和 didn't fall below $419.8. I am 的refore changing 的 outlook on gold for 的 next nine days. This week I see gold trading in 的 positive 范围。一个人可以买 Tuesday 和 sell on 3 August. This 的refore means that gold 和 gold stocks will have a positive time for 接下来的九天。在此期间,我看到它上升到 $433.80 while 的 downside will be $421.10


买白银 如果您星期五不买,就到星期二。白银将保持在7.09美元附近,这对白银投资者来说是一个非常积极的消息。不利的一面是$ 6.95。


下次购买白银 9天,因为它可能会达到$ 7.41的第一个目标。



上周,钯和铜上涨,我预计 相同的继续到星期四。除了玉米和银之外,钯是另一种 大宗商品在2005年值得密切关注。 





我有 made three new divisions on world indexes 和 put up a new 的ory that shows:


亚洲市场(包括 澳大利亚 ) 将保持稳定,直到星期二。但是,他们应该从星期三开始下降。


欧洲市场将因此遭受重大打击 weekend (Friday) and may fall over five percent in 的 next eleven days.


美国 市场将创下新高,我建议减少您的空头头寸,但是从下周开始每周增加一点空头头寸。上周由于行星组合的疲软而没有下降,因此我希望它会保持积极。火星扮演着火的角色 因此,库存上升将创下新高 具有高波动性。也要非常谨慎,因为必须跌倒 而这一次,情况会更糟 超过2000/2001。因此,仅在 the 美国 市场。


I don't trade silver at all 和 的refore in addition to grains, I will make money for my fund in 的 market in 的 last quarter since a very sharp fall may limit down 和 I am confident 的 Dow will go down to 5600 soon by end of next year. So please save money to short 的 market 和 don't get confused by this short-term rise. 




I shall be monitoring my new 的ory of predictions very closely 和 try to update you on a regular basis.  


这星期三很重要 day for 的 market 和 I shall 的refore write 的n.



Last week coffee bounced back from $96. I bought 和 am holding it 和 shall be adding more. It won't surprise me if coffee prices touch $148 to $179 during 的 last quarter of 2005. This week over all prices will move 与 scary down ward trend but hold your position.


In 的 last week, cotton prices moved up from low 和 的y will continue to rise. Buy cotton if you don't have it in your portfolio. 的 next target is $62.80.


继续在糖中添加头寸,因为本周糖价应升至新水平。但是,请在两周后离开。 (移至新的高区)



During this week 的 bond should remain weak but don't short it as I expect it to inch towards a new high for 2005 in 的 last week of August. On weakness, please add a small quantity.


In 的 last week oil fell quite sharply 和 it should remain weak even for 的 current week. One can sell if it rises one dollar that is around $60. On 的 downside, I expect it to touch $55.10 in coming week AND if it breaks this figure than it should touch $51.90. Sell oil from Wednesday or Thursday.



Grain prices will remain stable this week 和 even gain some ground from Tuesday to Thursday. However, 的y may remain very volatile on Friday.







上周,中国宣布对其货币进行重估。结果这美元在星期四下跌了,但是我来的同时 up with 警惕的“买入美元”。星期五我们 experienced a strong up move of dollar because nature is with dollar 和 I follow 的 nature. Stay long with dollar 和 may you don't have to do any thing.


During 的 first three days, all currencies will move in a small range 和 this might frustrate a lot of currency traders. However, those with long positions in 的 dollar should hold on with patience.


这周对日间交易者有利 将在两侧移动。


旅行-我要去 迪拜 , 印度 肯尼亚 在本周与家人在一起,我将尽力与您保持联系。




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你对我和我保持信心 do same.



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购买小数量 谷物-玉米,小麦,大豆,豆粕和豆油




It has been confirmed time 和 again that gains can be unlimited when you trade with 的 wave of nature. Here is this week's newsletter, whose cost per day is equivalent to what one spends on coffee.


谢谢 & God Bless

马亨德拉30 April 2005



谢谢 & God Bless