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所有 昨日金属大幅下跌,尤其是黄金,铂金和铜。那天真是可怕的一天,许多金属投资者 are 质疑这是否标志着 五年牛市。然而, 我认为情况并非如此,但是是的,我一直在警告金属投资者,并建议保留现金,否则一个热爱金属的人可以购买现金,因此无需投机。
Today, all metals 是 trading higher after yesterday's sell-off and one should not buy at this level, but wait for some more time. Gold is currently 交易价格为573.10美元,白银为11.06美元和铜 十美元。日内交易者可以在这个水平上做空 and look for drop as tomorrow 这不是一个充满希望的日子。
我上周和本周的时事通讯提到 很明显,本周金属的负面趋势,对此我们必须感谢 《自然波论》。
油 已经反弹,这就是我们的预期。一个可以容纳 long but get out by 明天 morning.
GRAINS HAVE PROVED THAT THEY ARE IN A BULL MARKET. I have been recommending not go short in grains and 那 proven a great decision: 保持你的地位 as the 牛市还没有 over. If all 谷物今天上升,它将是 an alarming sign for those who 是 short position.
The Dollar index is doing fine and we 是 happily holding it. Sell the 英镑。卖出澳元和欧元 同样,因为 接下来的36小时可以带来 sharp declines.
股市上涨, 美国股市(Dow和S&P)实际上将在 那一年。我原本以为趋势很弱 yesterday but that didn't happen, but we 是 holding our core position of buying. Nevertheless, trade 我们有严格的止损 expect it to 在中期会越来越高。
周一我们建议购买咖啡,如我们所见,应保持紧张 它很快升至114.8美元。
Here 是 our 交易(我们和我们的会员): 自今年五月以来一直获得丰厚的回报。
You all know 那 last year one of my account has preformed 13620% which is still a 对我来说,这是我的梦想,我只是告诉我的网站管理员将这些交易放在我的网站上,不久他就会做到。
This week we were short metals (gold, platinum, copper and silver) we made enough and still we 是 holding.
多空美元所有货币都使我们的帐户更健康,不要忘记 that we 是 gaining against all commodities and currencies buy holding dollar.
Grains long has given us wind fall and we 是 thankful to grains.
We bought some oil and natural gas but we 是 getting out with good profit.
总的来说,我们在股票市场上做得很好。在过去两周和本周的部分头寸中,我们卖出了空头头寸,在星期二卖空了小头寸, but out from the position as stop-loss has thrown us out and we should thank for rule of discipline. We 是 still holding our core position (buying).
谢谢 & God Bless
Sharma Mahendra,星期四,纽约时间6.30

正如预期的那样,金属在周一触及较高位(603.80美元),然后逐渐回落至578.80美元,事实证明非常准确。但是,今天-周二-他们将在纽约开盘大幅低位。我确信,我们在金属行业的等待能赚钱,而那些做空的人已经赚了钱。我的每日更新将指导您在哪里黄金停产。我对银,铜,铂金的看法非常负面 所以不要碰这些金属。 

Over all my advice is 那 one should not touch the metals at this point till we 是 at an astrological positive period. They 是 in a bear cycle and should remain thus for a while. 



其他地区,周一咖啡大幅下跌,我在等待 a turn around 在星期三。因此,我们将在星期三上午在其中添加头寸。


股市应该保持盘整,在今天的收盘中可能会抛售一点。因此,一个人可以在接下来的48小时内做空仓位。 (陶氏的长期观点& S&P朝向历史高位)。


As far as grains 是 concerned, today they will trade on the side, but I will however not short: I will wait for the next forty hours to give a signal. As a matter of fact, we might buy 明天.


To end with, the dollar is doing well and should actually continue to do so, while the Canadian and Australian dollars 是 very near a major fall. I expect the dollar to move towards a new high of this week.


订阅新闻通讯和每日更新将免费。你可以做 一笔交易中的订阅费。 “与自然风潮交易”。 

谢谢 & God Bless

沙玛·马亨德拉(Sharma Mahendra),星期二,  6.30am New York


This message is not a prediction or an assessment of the market outlook. This is to thank you all for faithfully following my work as well as for the part you have played to encourage me to deeply study the wave of nature. Earlier this year was a difficult time when I was wrong on my metals’ call and I was worried 那 如果我在金属方面继续犯错,那么25年的辛勤工作和研究将浪费掉。 我的担忧迫使我向我的宗师和父亲咨询为什么我在预测职业方面二十五年来第一次如此悲惨地犯了错误。他的回答很简单,他告诉我“ Mahendra,不要指望您的所有预测都是正确或准确的,因为这违反了自然法则。没有人真的知道明天会发生什么,只要您尽力而为,那就很重要。”我的上师还告诉我,“在研究行星运动时,要认真,深切地从无知的角度出发,因为只有这样,您才能了解到可能缺少的任何隐藏部分。”他补充说,一个人可能累了,老了又走了,甚至无法解开行星运动隐含部分的百分之一,但这并不意味着缺乏足够的研究。最重要的是要坚持学习而不会沮丧,肯定会取得令人满意的结果。
另一件事是,最近有人告诉我,我更加照顾大型机构和银行。但是,事实是,我尊重所有会员,包括银行,金融机构,对冲基金,大型交易员以及订阅我的时事通讯的小型个人投资者。因此,请放心,我没有任何歧视。我想再次借此机会感谢大家对我们的慷慨支持,信念和尊重。 我的理论和我仅因为您而又回到了正轨。
Finally, I need to make a small request to you all: Please don’t forward my newsletters or updates to other people: Let them subscribe to the newsletter and one can always get a free copy if they send us a request. Sometimes I find it hard to understand 那 whereas people 是 ready to lose money in the market, they feel the pinch and 是 unwilling to pay for a subscription. According to Indian tradition, we believe 那 for any particular study, consultation or guidance, a person has to pay some kind of fee as way of appreciation as well as a mark of respect and surely performance result will be different. I am not trying to force anyone to pay for a subscription, but simply saying 那 one shouldn’t just expect anything for free.
谢谢 & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma